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Greeting on the leading patent attorney’s portal of the European Union. This site is intended to provide you with an overall perspective on intellectual property protection in the European Union and in the member states of the European Patent Convention. Soon more and more European and national information become available on the national sites due to a committed cooperation.


Innovation prizes awarded to the most inventive minds


The success of these inventions is an incentive to intensify our future efforts to maintain the quality of European patents as an effective instrument in the protection of innovation.”Alison Brimelow, President of the EPO


In 2010 the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Commission (EC) has honored five prizewinners from Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Canada at the European Inventor Award gala ceremony in Madrid under the presidency of their Royal Highnesses Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Asturias.


Nomination proposals were submitted by the public and by patent examiners at the European Patent Office and Europe’s national patent offices, and the winners were selected from among the nominees by a highly credited jury established of patent experts.


The winners represent different technical fields ranging from information systems to ecology, and are presented in four award categories: Industry, Non-European countries, SMEs /Research and Lifetime achievement.


The European Inventor Award ceremony was held in conjunction with the European Patent Forum (EPF) organized by the EPO and EC.


Speakers at the EPF included opinion leaders from politics, business, science and civil society. In addition, top managers from the energy sector, parliamentarians, EU and national civil servants, patent practitioners as well as representatives from international organizations also attended the event.

During the two-day conference the participants had the opportunity to review reports and attend panel discussions on Europe’s renewable energy potential and share their views about economic and political challenges for the renewable energy industry, as well as about adaptations of the IP systems to fast-track green innovations.



13 Nov 2007 Epoline Conference, ComoEVOLUTION NOT REVOLUTION

How could patent attorneys (courts, clients) survive the paperless future?

The reply COMING SOON.

Peter Vermeij, Vice-President of the EPO, Maria Ludovica Agró, President of the Italian PTO and Alison Brimelow, President of the EPO argue the issue of electronic patent filing before the audience in Como. ”Evolution not revolution” summarized and calmed John Bambridge the Principal Director of EPO. Anyway patent attorneys should pay more attention to the step by step change which starts in 2009.

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- National partners will be invited to edit national sites.

- EPOLINE Annual Conference in Como, 13-14 November 2007. The conference theme was - how to survive when the EPO no longer accepts paper.

- A new EPC 2000 compliant version of Register Plus will be soon implemented (see more at EPOLINE).

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