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Patent attorneys often spend long hours with obtaining the relevant information from inventors for preparing patent descriptions and claims. This process can be extremely lengthy and takes a sizeable effort, constituting a huge part of the work of patent attorneys. This originates from the problem that inventors may be familiar with their own inventions, however they might have difficulties with presenting the relevant materials to their patent attorney in an appropriately structured form.

Make your clients organize information about their inventions for your convenience with our website

Our free service provides a solution to this problem! If you are a patent attorney, you can radically simplify communication with your clients through You can register user accounts for each invention of your clients. Our website provides a self developed software which provides guided questions for inventors in order to make them provide well-ordered information about the invention to help you to concentrate on preparing the patent claims. The software organizes technical information into well-structured form and presents you the result. The whole process is easy, convenient – and protected by security measures as shown below. Interfaces for you are provided in English, but client interfaces are bilingual, will be available both in English and national languages. We will gradually update the site with new languages.

Measures for the safety of your client’s invention

Remaining confidential is taken care of throughout every steps of the process. Our website utilizes HTTPS protocol and professional encryption methods to keep your confidential data safe. Encryption of the data happens based on a unique algorithm, utilizing a personal key, a password you provide to your client for every case/invention. The password is also kept encrypted on our server, by means of a non-decryptable and unique identifier. Once forgotten, this identifier cannot be retrieved anymore. Also, when your client types the answers to the guided questions, these texts can be also encrypted for the time leaving the computer – and viewing the original content will require entering password as well.

Summary of the process

Using our service is easy and convenient – it requires only five steps until completing a structured description of the invention!


Who are we? is developed by Pintz & Partners, a European patent office based in Budapest, deeply embedded in the global markets. Our office operates the biggest trademark portal of the European Union, and provides validation service for European patents as well. Our patent and trademark attorneys have been working in the field of IP protection for more than 30 years. We are committed to developing innovative solutions for IP-related services.

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